Sugar and Spice

I recently had the pleasure of photographing two gorgeous sisters who were so alike, and yet so very individual. Instead of boring you with words, how about I show you a few of my favourite images from the session instead!

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Amy means Love

A little while ago I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful baby girl by the name of Amy. This little cutie elicits oohs and aaahs from even the sternest and most dour folk. Don’t believe me? Well, have I got a treat for you!

Soulful eyes

Tired dad and adoring brother


Snuggled into dad's shoulder

A mother's love

A candid of big brother

Those soulful eyes must run in the family

Little caterpillar

Loving these black and whites

I often wonder what they're dreaming about

See, I told you so!

And, I don’t really know what “Amy” means.  So don’t pick on me about the title – I think the pictures speak for it!

Enough rambling from me.  God bless.


No, I can’t dance

but by crikey, Tegan can!

I was given a fantastic opportunity to photograph a gorgeous and talented dancer just prior to her leaving sunny North Queensland for the hustle and bustle of Southern cities.  How would I describe Tegan?  Well, she’s obviously gifted, thoroughly genetically-blessed, and incredibly driven – evidenced by her fearlessness and love for throwing herself about like a ragdoll (appearing absolutely weightless throughout), and jumping to do anything I suggested, including climbing structures that should have been torn down a half-century ago, for the sake of a couple of snaps.  So where are these photos, you ask?  Guess I’d better show you a few of my favourites.

And a stunning smile!

Tegan’s also-beautiful mum was a bit camera-shy.  But we did manage to convince her to be in one photograph.

Mum, keeping an eye on things.

I spent far too long taking headshots and close-ups, because my camera – *clears throat* yes, my camera – just loved her.

And a couple more, because you just have to see them.  Yes – have to!

No sane person would fail to smile at that smirk!

A rare non-smiling shot!

Where are the dance photographs already?!  Alright, just one more…..

Now for the ones I know you’re really wanting to see!


Total control (and patience!)

Uh-oh. Watch out, Spidey.

This girl can jump. Amongst a myriad of other things.

Tegan's sister, kindly holding the reflector for us.

I said something funny. No, really!

One of my absolute favourites.

Not afraid of heights. Tegan, I mean.

Can you say "adorable"? Go on - say it. Now!

Best. Shoes. Ever.

Better let her in, or she'll strike these poses all day!

Well, that’s all until next time.  Which will hopefully be a lot sooner than this was since the last time.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these even half as much as I enjoyed taking them.

God bless.


Welcome to the world, Elijah

It’s been a while since I blogged.  I’ve been terribly busy with work, and of course with looking after my family during Kylie’s pregnancy.   Not a good excuse, I know, but it’s all I’ve got.

On January 12, 2010, Kylie, Winter and I welcomed our newest family member into the world – Elijah Seraph, born at 11:01, and weighing in at a healthy 9lb 8oz and 21″ long.  Kylie was induced for medical reasons, but the labour was short when it finally commenced.  I’ve had to take a couple of weeks to look after Kylie and the kids, but I’m not complaining.  Especially with kids this cute.

The brightest moment of the day

And here are a couple I’ve found time to edit, taken when he was 2 days old.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Handsome young man.

It’s a very happy and moderately sleepless time for us all.

God bless,


Just what the Doctor ordered

Haven’t heard from me for a while, have you.  I really don’t have a good excuse.  You know how it is – you get the sniffles, a sore throat, a pixie with a jackhammer inside your skull … “But it’s just a cold!”  Yeah.  Okay.  You keep telling yourself that.  A few days later you’re at the Doctor’s office with the rest of the family.  You know, because families share everything.  Your one-year-old daughter looks like she’s possessed by a slime demon, your pregnant wife is having her nostrils swabbed for H1N1, and you’re just sitting there wondering why you’ve still got a cold, while shivering in the 27-degree waiting room and clutching the cigarette bin that you stole from outside the door as you walked in.  You try to wear the paper mask they force on you, but the three boxes of used tissues on the chair beside you are testament to how often it’s actually in place.  You consider whether or not the mask can hold enough of what’s up your nose to stop using the tissues for five minutes, then see your daughter, grinning like the maniac she is, and you realise it’s just not possible.  Those aren’t cobwebs holding her new playmate to the wall, you know.

You finally see the Doctor, who insists on soaking you in pure ethanol before you enter the office.  He measures your temperature, heartrate, and blood pressure from the other side of a bulletproof glass window sealing him in a positive pressure environment, then sticks his SCBA-covered head out the door for a moment so he can yell at you incomprehensibly and throw you a half dozen prescriptions he claims “might work”, along with some black-market holy water in which to douse the thing that used to be your daughter.  There’s a written instruction demanding that you sleep on the couch for a week so as to protect your pregnant wife.  It’s penned in a strangely familiar cursive.

It takes three hours to get home, because the line at the chemist goes around the block, twice.  And you forget where you live.  Having to use your sixth box of tissues to wipe down the inside of the windscreen every time you sneeze doesn’t help either (the mask disintegrated an hour ago).  You finally walk in the door with your backpack full of pills, and start rationing them out, since you’re not allowed out in public again for at least a week.

One of the tablets is not like the other ones.  Oh well.  Everyone deserves to be spoilt a little when they’re sick, right?

Some tablets are too big to swallow, like those made by Wacom

Some tablets are too big to swallow, like those made by Wacom

I knew some of you would appreciate the pun.

Well, I’m still not exactly back on my feet, but I should be able to entertain you with some pretty pictures and less nausea-inducing text in the near future.  Those of you suffering with this season’s batch of influenza – I really, truly, feel your pain.

God bless.