There is method in our madness.

At Jinx Images we believe that a photograph isn't just about how something looks - it is about how something feels. It isn't just about beauty - it is also about soul. It isn't just about capturing a moment - it is about telling the stories of people's lives.

Such is our approach to our work. We tend to run things somewhere between relaxed and vaguely structured. We lean away from tradtional, formal posing and forced smiles, and more towards natural expression. If a child does not smile at our antics, we take the photos. If a child does grin at us, we take the photos. And it is the same with adults. What we do not do is say, "Say cheese!" We go for expressions that you will recognise as belonging to the people in our photographs. We love unguarded moments, intense stares, and giggling fits. We like a riot of colour. We like black and white. We like individuality. What don't we like? Plastic smiles, awkward poses, and everyone dressed in blue jeans and white t-shirts. We just want you to be yourself. (Of course, if you normally wear blue jeans a white t-shirt, that's cool - just don't make your whole family wear them!)

I'm David Chance. I'm both the lead photographer and the owner of Jinx Images. Why are we called Jinx Images? It's just a nickname that stuck. Even my wife calls me Jinx! Feel free to call me by that too, if it is easier to remember.